Azi’s core interest and strength has always been drug tailoring and reverse kinetic dosing to maximize efficacy and minimize adverse effects. To that end, she created compounding services at Parkview Compounding Pharmacy which lead to launching RADICAL ME, a customized bio-identical hormone therapy and lifestyle modification practice in which she consults with patients teaches physicians. Her patent pending work includes a topical anti-seizure agent that is proven to abate seizures in less than three minutes. 

A tinkering chemist in her mother’s medicine cabinet at the age of 3, Arezou (Azi) Petrie began her clinical practice after graduating from St. Johns University in New York and completing her internship at Northshore Hospital and Long Island Jewish Hospital.

Arezou Petrie, RPh.

Registered Pharmacist

As Director of Clinical Services at Long Beach Memorial Hospital in New York, she implemented pharmacoeconomic and pharmacokinetic programs and within only 3 months demonstrated a 50% reduction in Digoxin toxicity, a poisonous steroid glycoside compound, which used in small doses is a cardiac stimulant. She also proved a reduction in overall length of hospital stays for patients with improved outcomes upon discharge. During her tenure she reduced antibiotic usage in geriatric patients in both the hospital and its long-term care center while demonstrating a significant reduction in adverse drug effects throughout the entire institution.

After moving West, to settle in California, she became the Director of Pharmacy at Hollywood Community Hospital, in Van Nuys where she pioneered unique dosing methodologies with antipsychotics and antiviral for AIDS patients, dramatically reducing side effects.

Thanks to her creative ingenuity and “out of the box” approach to dosing, she subsequently launched a program for sublingual administration of antipsychotic behavioral therapy medications (Haldol “Haloperidol”). This program, combined with weekly group therapy and education on medication management, resulted in a dramatic reduction of side effects with improved compliance and reduction of length of stay.

Today Ms. Petrie’s pharmacoeconomic expertise has contributed to financial relief to patients and institutions alike with the creation of unique compounds for City of Hope, Cedar Sinai and Major animal hospitals in the Inland empire.

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