"Low T" for Men Only

What you don’t know about low testosterone… and you should.


real or imagined?

This $2 billion dollar a year industry is not only the current fad, but a central topic in mainstream media making the cover of venerable TIME magazine in 2014.

“Injected, implanted or absorbed, testosterone promises in the words of one pitch, power, performance, passion” – Time Magazine August 18, 2014

Middle age men today are seeking testosterone therapy in droves because of fatigue, lessened drive or simply not feeling the way they used to when they were younger. Men in the United States are going to doctors seeking testosterone prescriptions in unprecedented numbers. Read More >

But the real question is low Testosterone even what is really ailing you? And if it is, are you getting the right dosing for you? Because what most men don’t know, is that one size DOES NOT fit all. In fact improper or “spiked dosing” can actually create more problems than the lack of testosterone itself. In fact, when you overload your body with testosterone, the excess can be converted to Estrogen, which is the last thing a man wants because it causes big breasts, hot flashes, and moodiness.

The point is: Too much or too little testosterones can cause similar symptoms.

Your Life in Balance…

Did you know?

Myths and Facts about Too Much or Too Little Testosterone.

RADICAL ME will evaluate if you truly even need testosterone or whether your symptoms are the result of other deficiencies (that may not even be hormonal) such as lifestyle behaviors and habits.

1. Low T results in diminished sex drive, and in depressed sexual desire with fewer spontaneous erections. However, high testosterone can cause violence and aggression and often times a partner will not want to engage in sexual activity because of this very behavior. So too much testosterone may not solve your problem.

2. Although discomfort, tender or enlarged breasts may be diagnosed as a low Testosterone symptom, in truth it is also a sign of high testosterone and it is often sign of hormonal imbalance.

3. Low Testosterone is often associated with frail bones or bones that lose minerals and become prone to fractures – in truth however it’s not usually just low testosterone, but a combination of low T, low progesterone, or low estrogen.

4. Low T can cause arm pit and pubic hair to fall or thin out, but more often than not, an excess of Testosterone causes hair loss on your head and excess facial and body hair.

5. Diminished Testosterone results in shrinking testis, but too much testosterone produces the same outcome.

6. Hot flashes (yes, men can have them too) may be a sign of too much Testosterone, because Testosterones eventually can convert to Estrogen leading to Estrogenic symptoms typical in women

The Radical Me Approach…

and Why we’re DIFFERENT

It takes more than Testosterone

Why is the Radical ME approach better? Because it’s about balance. We don’t overload you with Testosterone which has serious side effects. Because when the body is overloaded with Testosterone, two things can occur.

1) Conversion of Testosterone to Estrogen

2) Our speculation based on patient observations suggest that since the molecules look alike, excess Testosterone can sit on Estrogen receptors and cause Estrogenic symptoms. The improper dosing of Testosterone, without granularly determining and calculating the proper balance can cause hormonal confusion. This is why proper dosing is critical.

No magic bullets, elixirs

or promises of vigorous youth.

Radical ME does not believe in magic. An active participation and lifestyle change from the patient is CRITICAL to the successful outcome of our program for men.

The truth is that majority of men and women after the age of 30 are simply not producing as much Progesterone as they used to. Their bodies are effectively out of balance.

Invincibility… Real or Imagined?

After following the Radical Me treatment protocol, you must be aware that you will experience at first a high and then you will plateau (you can’t chase the high indefinitely).

Just because you feel like superman, does not mean you are superman (this applies to those who have not worked out before. This is an illusion, but in reality your physical strength will not match your mental state). You will feel invincible, but you won’t be invincible. Be cautious.

What you should expect for Real. Our promise.

  1. An enhanced lust for life and an inner joy.
  2. Improved overall energy levels, a real "zip in your step."
  3. Increased libido and sexual drive.
  4. Better sleeping patterns.
  5. Enhanced mental clarity and sharpness.
  6. A more relaxed, calmer, centered self.
  7. A healthier you. Proper hormone levels have been shown to regulate hypertension, cholesterol levels, Fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome.

... better performance on all levels professionally and personally.*

*As with any medical protocol, individual results may very. Chasing the initial high from proper hormonal balancing is a known, but not sustainable phenomena. Most patients will experience such a radical change in their mood and general feeling of "well being" from their baseline, that will keep on wanting to "chase the high". Once hormonal levels are correctly balanced, this feeling should plateau.