Consulting Services for
Pro Practitioners

Consulting for physicians

Radical Me offers medical professionals new solutions for complicated patients with diseases such as Thyroid or sex hormone imbalances and mood swings, where success or desired results with commercially available pharmaceuticals, medical protocols and medications has not been possible.

How we work.

Consulting Services

  1. "Private Label" branded dosing services – This RAD ME service enables medical professionals to utilize the recommendation and dosing methodology as their own branded service to their customers/patients
  2. Available to do review and discuss with medical practitioners patient medical history and provide alternative solutions to conventional medications and treatments.

By using the medical provider login platform, doctors, etc can enter the biometric profile of their patients or the patient can enter it and RADICAL ME will provide the recommendations.

Proprietary and
Specialty Formulations

How it works

Radical Me offers a host of proprietary as well as specialty compounding medication designed to deal with a wide variety of medical conditions. These include treatments for:

High Cholesterol
Mood Swings
Sexual Dysfunctions
Hair Loss

These formulations are available by prescription only. To determine if Radical Me has the right compound solution for your condition, click here for an interactive patient profile diagnostic.