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Ready For REAL Change?

your life balanced, by design.

The Radical Me Hormone Solution Center™


Our Mission.

Information is power

Our mission is to improve how you feel by improving the way you live. By empowering you with individualized knowledge of how your unique body really works in conjunction with your lifestyle, we help you find the answers you need to obtain the physical, hormonal and emotional balance you want.

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Our Philosophy

Always Question.

My philosophy as a pharmacist is that, just like every human being is UNIQUE like our individual DNA, medication management, hormonal balancing and lifestyle need to be custom tailored to the individual.

Our Team

For 25 years I had a vision of empowering patients through proper education and training, so that they could truly understand what is going on in their OWN bodies and use common sense approaches to more sensitively balance the dosing of medicine, as opposed to following the “one size fits all” standardized steps commonly used today.

Arezou Petrie, RPh.
Founder CEO, Clinical Director Radical Me
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Dr. Petrie earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the renowned University of Southern California. Shortly thereafter he registered to practice both in California and Nevada in 1986.

He first applied his craft in geriatrics and long-term care, eventually becoming the director of consulting services for two national long-term care pharmacy chains.

Louis Petrie, Pharm.D
Doctor of Pharmacy
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Our Approach:
Knowing You.

“Dig Deeper” a multi-point diagnostic approach

For 25 years Arezou Petrie has had a vision of empowering patients by not being a mere pill counting pharmacist. In fact her whole approach, throughout her career, has been focused on wellness counseling and dosing as well preventive care only after a thorough health biometric profile analysis of each individual patient is the foundational method of Radical Me.

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Kinetic Dosing.

Azi’s approach, originates on dosing based on gender, race, lifestyle, height, weight, age, kidney and liver functions. Kinetic Dosing, by its very own definition implies that one size DOES NOT fit all, and is actually customized to each human being’s unique physiology.

Out of the box behavior: Alternative medicines, every pharmacist should practice.

Knowing you lead to treatment through individualized proper dosing.

Truly knowing you inside and out lead to proper treatment through individualized dosing which equals less side effects from conventional medications and natural remedies leading to faster healing and improved quality of life. Ultimately resulting in the healthy you you want to be.

Our Results

What to expect with proper hormonal dosing...

  1. An enhanced lust for life and an inner joy.
  2. Improved overall energy levels, a real "zip in your step."
  3. Increased libido and sexual drive.
  4. Better sleeping patterns.
  5. Enhanced mental clarity and sharpness.
  6. A more relaxed, calmer, centered self.
  7. A healthier you. Proper hormone levels have been shown to regulate hypertension, cholesterol levels, Fibromyalgia and restless leg syndrome.

... better performance on all levels professionally and personally.*

*As with any medical protocol, individual results may very. Chasing the initial high from proper hormonal balancing is a known, but not sustainable phenomena. Most patients will experience such a radical change in their mood and general feeling of "well being" from their baseline, that will keep on wanting to "chase the high". Once hormonal levels are correctly balanced, this feeling should plateau.

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How we work.

Our Services

Aging is a Terminal Disease. With Radical ME you are empowered to choose your own healing path to extend your stay.

Arezou Petrie, RPh

Levels of Consulting

These includes three basic options:

1) Virtual Online interactive diagnostic evaluation

Level 1) Virtual online diagnostic FREE

Level 2) Advance Virtual online diagnostic $14.95

Level 3) Comprehensive Virtual online diagnostic $99.95

2) Online Consulting via SKYPE

$119 (for every 20 minutes)*
*Only after completing Comprehensive Virtual Online Diagnostic

3) One on One Evaluation

in person with Arezou Petrie, RPh., Clinical Director Radical Me
$119 (each 20 minutes)*
*Only after completing Comprehensive Virtual Online Diagnostic